What Is the Best Table in a Restaurant?

What Is the Best Table in a Restaurant?

Seat preferences in restaurants vary not only according to the individual but according to the customer’s occupation, lifestyle pundits say.

Most people who work in architecture or interior design like a full view of a restaurant because they want to appreciate the design of the place and learn from it. People in hospitality look for seats where they can see the kitchen and watch the flow of the operation, and fashionistas like to sit at the back to maximize people-watching.

Restaurant owners know from experience which seats are popular and reserve the best for their favorite customers. One such seat is the one in the center, which is usually shunned because it draws attraction, but many top restaurants reserve it for their best-dressed, most prestigious customers in the belief that they can make the restaurants look better.

But how can restaurants make the less desirable tables more attractive? Besides providing food and drink, it is important that a restaurant makes customers have a good time, and where they sit may affect it.

Neatly dressed staff and pretty tableware can help, and of course lighting is vital — nobody wants to be either overlit or left to wallow in darkness. If a place is too formal, customers may feel inhibited, and if it is too slapdash they will wolf down their food and leave. Striking a balance between all these elements is the real challenge for a restaurant.

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