Wet Blasting Service

Our Wet Blasting Services provide a clean, dustless blasting solution for projects where environmental impact is a concern and the use of a dust suppressing Blasting Services is a determining factor. Wet blasting is used primarily, but not exclusively, as a surface preparation. This process deep cleans with no damage, impregnation, dust, warping or contamination to the surface. It also provides superior bonding, extended duty and even abrasion to the surface.

Wet Blasting process uses water to cushion the blast media and eliminates damage to the surface of the component, mold or tool. This process is used for precision surface finishing and allows us to control and regulate the flow and type of material used in the Blasting slurry. It also allows us to control the velocity, pressure, location (areas can be masked) and other engineered elements to provide the optimum finish for your part, mold, die or tool.

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