The American Alcohol-Free Spirits Association (AAFSA) Announces That Indiegogo Is Heading Its Crowdfunding Campaign!Melbourne FL  (  Imagine being able to drink a bottle of your favorite vodka or perhaps spend the night drinking whisky and still waking up feeling fresh and revitalized the next day. The magic of this is only possible with non-alcoholic spirits, and it is a trend much of the world is jumping on.

Since global lockdowns started in early 2020, attention towards non-alcoholic spirits has increased dramatically. Last year in the U.S. alone, sales of alcohol-free beer grew by 44 per cent and will continue to grow at a pace of 189 % the following years.

The momentum does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. It’s estimated that the non-alcoholic drinks market will be worth US$1.44 trillion by 2035. That’s more than half the predicted size of the global alcohol market, which is estimated to hit US$2.2 trillion in the same time frame.

But what exactly are non-alcoholic spirits? We are not talking about sugar-laced soft drinks or the child-friendly supermarket apple ciders that have been around forever. Sober drinks embody the essence and taste of traditional spirits, wine, and beers – simply without the alcohol.

The first popular alcohol-free producer ArKay Beverages sums it up perfectly: “The absence of alcohol enables revelers to remain clear-headed, of good cheer and in fine fettle to pursue whatever tickles their fancy the following day.”

The sober industry is exploding because consumers are discovering a new way of participating in social gatherings without the negative effects alcohol without sacrificing the flavor, and mostly because they can continue to enjoy their favorite cocktails without the alcohol.

This industry contributes in a positive way to help minimize the consequences of drunk driving and allows people under medication to drink without any negative effects, also there’s a fitness trend for people doing exercise or simply who want a better life by drinking in a smarter way. People want to get away from liquors to have a better life and non-alcoholic beverages provide a healthy alternative for them.

ArKay and its founder Reynald Vito Grattagliano created the sober concept in 2011, a new way of drinking “Sober drinking is about having a healthy relationship with drinking – it means that when you decide to have a sober drink you stay present and in control of your decisions rather than being swept away by the situation.

To keep the alcohol-free spirits alive, Reynald founded the American Alcohol-Free Spirits Association (AAFSA), a non-profit organization that will hold brands accountable for misguiding their audience by introducing alcohol free range which contains some alcohol. AAFSA’S memberships will provide multiple benefits to the people who will be associated with it in the future, including expertise, easily accessible information, committee structure, publications, and research data.

Therefore, Reynald Vito Grattagliano created AAFSA to protect and defend the sober industry he created in 2011 with ArKay.

Product Quality

AAFSA will resolve issues of concern such as presence of alcohol in some alcohol-free spirits brands that are marketing their product as alcohol free when in fact, they are not alcohol free, also AAFSA will verify if the labeling is correct and honest, if the ingredients that are inside the bottle are 100 % alcohol free and not distilled and then the alcohol removed. If sugar is present in the beverage which could harm the consumers. AAFSA’s goal is to protect consumers and help beverages manufacturers to make a good quality and safe alcohol-free spirit.

The rate of alcohol-free spirit manufacturers who boast that their drinks are 100% alcohol-free, but most of their products contain a certain amount of alcohol is alarming. AAFSA is strictly against any such false advertisements. This simply means that some companies are playing with people’s emotions and trying to get them addicted to their products. AAFSA is all set to take strict measures by informing FDA about the same.

AAFSA will work with the government authorities and FDA to organize together a safe way for the industry to develop. In no way will AAFSA be trying to act as the police of the industry, on the contrary its goal is to guide the industry so the producers can be on the same level.


Stop the habit of buying fake honorific titles given to beverage makers who are in fact are paying the medal or awards to look better and mislead the consumers.

AAFSA wants to inform the membership applicants that have ever paid money to organizers of spirits competitors to buy awards, or have tried to display their brands on different websites to advertise their products, as best of the best, these activities will not be entertained by AAFSA

Deceptive advertisement and unfair competition are unethical, and it damages the sober industry’s image.

Brands lying to people to build revenue is not something that AAFSA will support.

AAFSA needs your support, with your support AAFSA will hire in house attorneys, open its own lab, travel to Washington to speak with law makers to pass laws to protect the consumers.

We are certain that philanthropist and donors are ready to help AAFSA to reach its goal. You may contribute by logging on or on

By 2025 hundreds of millions of consumers will not drink liquor anymore for health reason or simply to remain sober. Consumers will drink spirit alternatives instead, therefore it is important to act now to pass new regulations.

For those wondering why people would opt for non-alcoholic drinks, there are several health and wellbeing benefits to being sober.

By reducing alcohol consumption, you can reduce your risk of heart disease and some cancers, improve your sleep, help bone development, and reduce your risk of illness (especially helpful when we are battling a pandemic).

Not to mention alcohol-free spirits are generally lower in calories and are more inclusive in social settings.

From the U.S. to Europe, ArKay is the creator and the masters of mindful drinking, launched in 2011 and the first one to market before AAFSA comes into place.

What makes it special?

ArKay has been spearheading the way for the world to follow since 2011.

Founder Reynald Vito Grattagliano began his commercial journey in 2011 when he manufactured the world first a non-alcoholic whisky.

With no sugar, allergens, sweeteners, or alcohol, Grattagliano and his wife, Sylvie, launched the spirit alternative that delivers an abundance of flavor and mouth burn just like the original.

ArKay, unlike alcohol, is not constrained by strict market regulations, allowing it to be sold virtually anywhere such as coffee shops, convenience stores, supermarkets, bars, liquor stores, grocery stores, night club, universities campuses and hotels.

Founder Reynald Vito Grattagliano, the creator of the world’s first 0% ABV non-alcoholic spirit, has a great passion for caring for others’ health. His sole purpose was to make a beverage that gave you the same kick, sensation, and mouth burn as the typical whiskey, giving consumers a sober option to a night out. Reynald invested tons of time, effort, and dedication to finding a formula that would provide ArKay a taste and smell like the commonly known alcohol so consumers would not notice the difference.

In 2007, Reynald’s son Kevin came home one night and said to him, “Dad, why don’t you invent an alcohol-free whisky?” He worked on the project for over four years, and after a lot of trial and error, he pioneered the way for alcohol-free spirits. He invested millions of dollars on the project but said he was pleased and proud of what he had accomplished. When he first introduced ArKay to the market in 2011, he received a lot of controversies. Some applauded what he did for the good he was doing to those who consumed a significant excess of alcohol.

Arkay has maintained strong ties to its founder’s ideas to improve health and contribute to general wellbeing. The company’s vision is to help eradicate the most common problems related to excess alcohol consumption, bringing a wide variety of drinks that can give consumers the same pleasure and satisfaction of the alcoholic options without harm.

Imagine getting all the advantages of your favorite alcoholic drinks, and none of its cons. Imagine remaining clear headed after a night out, letting it all go, while remaining the same the next morning. None of that hangover, splitting headache, and all the other effects we try to run away from. This magic is only possible with non-alcoholic drinks. A larger part of the year 2020 was spent indoors, the bars and any other place of relaxation were closed, this had a drastic effect on the drinking habits of most folks, and there was an increase in the consumption of non-alcoholic spirits. The non-alcoholic drink industry grew a staggering 506%, and projections still state that the trend is upward, as new non-alcoholic spirit brands are being launched across countries.

Covid-19 has sparked a renewed interest in wellness, and the making of better health choices. This has caused the attention of home drinkers, and folks planning to quit on alcohol to focus more on non-alcoholic drinks.

So, what are non-alcoholic spirits anyway? This is different from the soft drinks we have always been used to, the sugar-infused drinks we have always been told to drink on a hot afternoon, or after an early morning jog. They are always refreshing, aren’t they? Nope! Arkay perfectly describes it as that “absence of alcohol which allows revelers to remain clear headed, be in control of the situation; without feeling burdened, and still be able to do whatever they want to, the next day” It is funny how the best ideas come to us most unexpectedly. Never did Arkay founder Reynald Grattagliano, in 2011 think that his idea would open the door to a trillion-dollar sober industry. Never did he think that the simple suggestion of his son after a night out drinking, feeling the after-effects of alcoholic liquor would grow to make so much impact in the world. Well, many want to leave the world better than they found it. Reynald is happy to have found his niche and become a leading voice in making the world a better place. It is not surprising that his original idea was about how to get people away from alcoholic liquors.

About Reynald Vito Grattagliano

Reynald Vito Grattagliano is perfumer, self-made scientist, an entrepreneur, and philanthropist driven to solve the world’s biggest challenges through innovation. Reynald is the spark behind the current alcohol-free spirit movement, having been the first in the field to imitate spirits giving consumers a sober option to a night out.

As the founder of Arkay Beverages, Reynald Grattagliano sees beyond the current business and technological landscape, creating a real impact company and consumers being the doyen of the alcohol-free spirits category or zero proof spirits category.

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